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Film Production at “Old Main”

Are you scouting for a film or commercial production at “Old Main” or other Facilities?

  • Prep: $500/per day
  • Shoot: $2,000/per day
  • Corrections Officer: $49.00/per hour per officer while on property.

For more information please contact Mike White at 505.670.8421

To scout, tech scout or film at “Old Main” click here for guidelines and forms https://nmfilm.com/for-filmmakers/locations/permits-procedures/state-owned-buildings/

Note: Background checks and liability forms are required for access to this location. There is a minimum of five (5) days needed to complete the background checks for access to property. Scouts and tech scouts are limited to 2 hours.

“Old Main” photos  https://www.cd.nm.gov/old-main-photos/

Media Inquiries

If you are a member of the media and have questions about our department or its employees please contact the Public Affairs Director or Public Affairs Coordinator. Your inquiries are always welcome. All New Mexico Corrections Department employee interviews must be coordinated through the Public Affairs Office.