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Offender Management Services & Classification Bureau 

Offender Management Services

The Office of Offender Management Services (OMS) establishes an office that aims to follow the best practices of inmate management in corrections, with the main purpose being public safety.


Specifically, OMS ensures the following: 

  • Individuals sent to the New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) have a judgment and sentence that gives NMCD the authority to incarcerate them. 
  • OMS is responsible for determining proper release dates from incarceration, based upon their judgement and sentence.
  • OMS ensures earned and forfeited good time credit is accounted for and posted, consistent with state statute and NMCD policy. 
  • OMS oversees the interstate compact inmates. 


In summary, OMS tracks inmates from their intake until their release. 

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Classification Bureau

The Classification Bureau ensures that inmates are housed at an appropriate prison facility, based upon their individual security and programming needs. 


Specifically, the bureau oversees the following: 

  • Oversight of facility population
  • Inmate transfers 
  • Restrictive housing units  
  • Special management  

The bureau’s main objective is to provide oversight to facilities for the safety of inmate transfers and the proper housing of inmates. 

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