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Central New Mexico Correctional Facility

The Central New Mexico Correctional Facility (CNMCF) is in Los Lunas, and it was built in 1980. CNMCF has an inmate capacity of more than 400, and it is a level I and II facility.

The facility also includes:
1. Reception and Diagnostic Center
2. Mental Health Treatment Center (MHTC)
3. Long Term Care Unit and Geriatric Unit

Jessica Vigil Richards

Jessica Vigil Richards


Tracy J. Hollingworth, Ph.D., LPCC

Rosarita Jaramillo

Acting Deputy Warden

Krystal Rivera

Krystal Rivera

Deputy Warden

Visitation Information

For information regarding Visitation click here.

For Visitation Questions

Level II Facility
(505) 383-3359

Inmate Mail Information

Contact Us & Inmates

P.O. Drawer 1328
1525 Morris Road, 
Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031-1328

Contact Numbers during business hours

Main/Warden Office
(505) 383-3300

Inmate Advocate
Tim Najera
(505) 270-8151

Level II
(505) 383-3359

*Emergency use only for after-hours* 
(505) 249-7811

Court Contact

Michelle Bouska, Court Liaison

Court Hearings & Video Visits Only

Cell Phone: (505) 249-7811
Office Phone: (505) 383-3334

Email: Michelle.Bouska@cd.nm.gov
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm


How to put money on an Inmate’s account?

Only an approved visitor can send a money order, identified by the Inmate recipient’s name and number, to the specific facility in which the Inmate resides

For each facility’s contact information, here.