Health Services

New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) Health Services Bureau (HSB) is committed to providing quality healthcare that meets correctional healthcare standards and constitutional mandates. The goal of HSB is to assure the care, opportunities and education necessary for patients to improve their health.
Wence Asonganyi, Health Services Administrator

Wence Asonganyi

Health Services Administrator

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Services provides diagnostic assessment, treatment and programming utilizing a biopsychosocial model that takes into account physical, psychological, and social factors that impact on the inmate’s well being. Services are designed to assist offenders in attaining and/or maintaining their cognitive and emotional well being in the sometimes-stressful environment that is associated with incarceration.

Behavioral Health Services provides addictions programming a designed to increase public and institutional safety, reduce recidivism, and increase the capacity of offenders to live responsible lives through aggressive treatment of substance addiction. Additionally Behavioral Health Services facilitates the provision of volunteers for parenting programs, faith-based mentoring programs, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) programs.

Inmate Health Care Inquiries

Offender Complaint Process

Offenders with concerns or complaints about health-related matters will need to follow the complaint procedures outlined in the Inmate Grievances policy.

Family Member or Third-Party Complaints

Third parties can inquire about specific offender medical care by contacting the applicable prison facility. Additionally, any complaints from third parties about these medical services may be submitted through the Constituent & Family Services Office. The health-related complaints will be forwarded to the NMCD Health Services Bureau (HSB) , who oversee the health care of NMCD offenders. HSB investigates and can work toward the resolution of complaints or allegations.

Persons submitting complaints should be aware that medical confidentiality and privacy protections apply. For most cases involving an individual offender’s health care, a valid Authorization for Release of Information must be on file with prior approval from the offender before details of an offender’s health care can be shared.

When submitting an inquiry, please provide the following: 

Offender’s full name, Offender’s NMCD# or Offender #, DOB, your contact information and your relationship to the Offender.

Please note: Due to patient confidentiality issues, responses to e-mail inquiries can’t contain personal health information nor specifics about an individual offender’s care.

Written complaints may be submitted to:

The New Mexico Corrections Department Health Services Bureau
c/o Constituent & Family Services.

Mail written correspondence to:

The New Mexico Corrections Department
Health Services Bureau c/o Constituent & Family Services.
P.O. Box 27116, Santa Fe NM 87502-0116

Via email to:

Via phone to:

Call Office: (505) 827-8710 or (505) 231-4762
Please leave a message if we are unable to answer the call.

Telephone Inquiries to:

Medical Records Requests

To request copies of medical records for inmates incarcerated at one of the New Mexico Corrections Department prison facilities, please submit your request in one of the following ways:

Via email to: or by written request to the below address:

Health Service Bureau
Attention: Medical Records
4337 State Hwy 14
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508