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General Services & Procurement Bureau

The General Services & Procurement Bureau of the Department (GSPB) is derived of Procurement and Business Support Services. The Bureau provides support to all Divisions within the Central Office and the 10 Correctional Facilities within state boundaries. The Bureau provides support in the areas of purchasing/procurement/contractual services and vendor registry/services.

The Bureau safeguards continued operations without breaks in services to facilitate smooth operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the best interest of approximately 5600 inmates in NMCD’s custody within the NMCD’s annual of approximately $375 million dollar budget.

Silhouette of a woman portrait

Kathleen Branchal Garcia

Chief Procurement Officer/ Bureau Chief

General Services

  • Vendor Relations – New vendor registry/ existing vendor services
  • Liaisons between the Departments’ business managers and State Purchasing Division (SPD) and Department of Finance and Administration (DFA)
  • Training and oversight of all purchasing processes to NMCD Business Management and Purchasing staff
  • Process Protocol development, implementation, and oversight


  • Auditing and oversight of all NMCD’s purchasing for compliance with NM Procurement Laws and DFA’s rules and regulations.
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Conducting all Requests for Proposals, Invitations to Bid, Emergencies and Sole Source Solicitations
  • Securing NM contracts by adopting Federal General Services Administration Schedules when available
  • Making procurement determinations pursuant to the NM Procurement Code.

Contact Information for General Services & Procurement Bureau

Jimmy Trujillo, Contracts Manager
Office: (505) 366-4331
Email: Jimmy.Trujillo@cd.nm.gov
Sylvia Varela, Purchasing Auditor
Office: (505) 709-5245
Email: Sylvia.Varela@cd.nm.gov