Roswell Correctional Center

The Roswell Correctional Center (RCC) is located in Hagerman, New Mexico, a small Southeast New Mexico community with an approximate population of 1,100. The Center was originally classified as a Minimum Facility (level I) when it opened in 1978, with an inmate capacity of 65. In January 2000, the Department determined that it was in need of additional level II beds, at which time the center’s custody level increased from a Level I to a Level II facility with a capacity of 340 inmates. There are various programming and treatment opportunities at RCC including, education programs, welding program (with certification), substance abuse community and a volunteer fire department. There is a large volunteer base with over 100 volunteers providing religious support and other services.

Chelsea White, Warden

Chelsea White


Visitation Information

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Inmate Mail Information

Contact Us & Inmates


Phone: (575) 888-3838
Fax: (575) 625-3190

Inmate Advocate
Yolanda Rivera
Phone: (505) 699-7245 

Physical Address
578 W. Chickasaw Road
Hagerman, New Mexico 88232 


How to put money on an inmate account?

An approved visitor can send a money order with the inmates name and number to the facility.