Financial Management Bureau

It is the responsibility of the Financial Management Bureau (FMB) to provide direction and oversight on fiscal and financial accounting processes for accounts payable, vouchering, financial reporting, audit coordination and record-keeping to ensure compliance with state and federal statues, regulations, agency policies and report financial conditions of the agency.

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Wanda Gonzales

Bureau Chief Financial Management

Accounts Payable

Audits purchasing documentation and invoices submitted by department business managers, post invoices, verify data entered in the accounting system subsidiary for payment processing to vendors.


Responsible for general ledger maintenance and outcome. The Accounting staff prepares the year-end financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles as part of the annual financial and compliance audit requirement. They contract with Independent Auditors for the purpose of obtaining an opinion on the basic financial statements, the combining and individual fund financial statements, and budgetary comparisons in accordance with government auditing standards.

Contact Information for Accounts Payable

Vacant, AP Section Manager
Office: (505) 366-4331

Vacant, Accountant/Auditor
Office: (505) 709-5245

Sandra Garcia, Accountant/Auditor
Office: (505) 526-4273
Tressa Malone, Business Operations Specialist
Office: (505) 546-7395

Contact Information for Accounting

Vicki Trujillo, Accounting  Manager
Office: (505) 220-5953

Brandon Martinez, Accounting Supervisor
Office: (505) 525-5082

Daniel Gonzalez, Accountant/Auditor
Office: (505) 469-3377
Yvonne Martinez, Accountant/Auditor
Office: (505) 546-7395