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The department recognizes the vital role it has in providing for the safety of the public it serves as well as its employees and the incarcerated individuals reprimanded to its care.

Emergency Preparedness ensures the Department has viable emergency operation plans in place for each correctional complex to enhance our ability to mitigate losses, respond quickly, and resume to normal operations as soon as possible when disruption occurs, whether technological, natural or human caused.

Essential to the success of a response to a facility emergency are the shift’s A-team responders and the specially trained teams such as the institutional based Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) and the Crisis Negotiation Teams (CNT).

Simulations are conducted monthly at each institution by the facility Emergency Coordinators and Shift Supervisors on various levels to test the agency’s emergency response capabilities and ensure all staff are proficient in procedures and practices

Gabriel Salazar

Gabriel Salazar

Emergency Preparedness Manager