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Kimberly Gonzales

Kimberly Gonzales

Chief Procurement Officer/Acting Bureau Chief

The General Services & Procurement Bureau (GSPB) of the Department is divided into Procurement and Business Support Servives. The GSPB provides support to Divisions at Central Office in the areas of purchasing/procurement and Telecommunications; Radios; Grants; and Fleet Management.

The General Services & Procurement Bureau:

Procurement Section: Responsible for processing all purchase requests for goods and services received from department business managers. Source vendors, negotiate contracts, serve as the liaisons between department business managers and State Purchasing Division and ensure compliance with the State Procurement Code in the purchase of goods and services. Maintain files for all department contracts, joint power agreements, memorandum of understandings, property and equipment leases. Confer with accounts payable to ensure that vendors are paid in a timely manner.

Contact information for the General Services & Procurement Bureau staff is as follows:


Kimberly Gonzales -(505) 238-2369

Arturo Archuleta  , Purchase Agent

Anna Vigil  , Purchase Agent

Ray Maestas, Purchase Agent

Jerry James , Communications & Fleet Coordinator